Little Astrograph – Sky Rover 70SA III

Recently I receive a little Astrograph which made by a telescope company named SkyRover for a simple test out. I am a little excited when I first hold this telescope and how small it is. Before retract the dew shield: After dew shield fully retract: 1. Build Quality? The build quality of this little astrograph…

My Best Photographs In 2016

Hi, It has been a long period of time I’ve never update anything in my blog. Sorry about that. Busy with my Cisco study right after the New Zealand trip. Other than that, no major changes in my life. I believe this is a good news, right? So, time flies and it is time to…

Turn Bad into Good!

Hi, What I’ve learned from this recent New Zealand trip is to think positively and turn bad into good. What does that mean? By looking at the photo below I believe everybody will think it is not a good day to snap photo in such a cloudy condition. But let’s think positively and creatively. What…

My New Zealand Timelapse Video

Hi, My New Zealand Journey To the South timelapse video is out! Let’s together enjoy the short timelapse video and enjoy the music as well. 🙂 New Zealand Journey to The South Timelapse 2016

My New Zealand Photo Album…

Hi, Finally my 15 days New Zealand Journey To The South full album is ready to view. Hope you guys like it. New Zealand – Journey To The South Photo Album

Finally… My New Photobook!

Hi, Let me introduce my New Zealand – Journey To The South photobook to all of you. You can easily download it and take a look on it. Kindly leave me some comments below. Cheerssss…. Click here to download my photobook

City of Melbourne

Hi, Finally my 8 hours of Melbourne City tour photo album has been released. Hope you guys like it. Please click here for more…………

Milky Way and Aurora Australis in Lake Tekapo

Hi, Many people said Lake Tekapo is one of the best site for doing astrophotography and nightscape photography. This is true! I experienced that for 2 nights in Lake Tekapo. The first night was terrible because of all the tourists shining their bright flash light here and there and spoil some frames in my timelapse….

Day 15 ~ Kaikoura,NZ

Hi, I never thought of Kaikoura is so beautiful and peaceful. A day tour will be enough to discover the beauty of this place and delicious foods. This is the end of our NZ trip. Hope next time can explore north island. A lot of photos need to process when i’m back to my hometown….