Comparison between Rocolax Infrared filters & NKIR filter B03

Hi photographer friends, Recently I received a bunch of filters from Taiwan named Rocolax. I believe not many people knows about this brand. But I am sure it will not let you down so easily based on the quality of the glass and build. Lets look at the result….  Rocolax HD PRO OR55  NKIR Filter…

My first Infrared timelapse in 2016

Hi photographer friends, This is my first infrared timelapse and I’m happy to show it to all of you. Hope you guys like it. Pentax K-01 + Pentax DA 18-55mm WR + NKIR B03 Ir filter  

2016 Macro Shootout

Hi photographer friends, This is my first batch of Macro photos in 2016. So, hope you guys like it. Cheersss… Pentax K5IIs +  SMC Pentax D-FA 100mm f/2.8 macro + Poor-man lighting setup                          

Start to love this NKIR B03 filter already

Hi photographer friends, I have this filter with me almost 2 weeks+ now, trying to get familiar with it. Then I found out actually this filter can create much more creative type of Ir photos that never expected. Start to like it……                          …

NGC 3372 – The Eta Carinae Nebula

Hi photographer friends, Pentax K-01 modified + Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 300mm f/4   Right ascension 10h 45m 08.5s[1] Declination −59° 52′ 04″[1] Distance ~6500-10000[1] ly Apparent magnitude (V) +1.0 Constellation Carina

The Rosette Nebula (also known as Caldwell 49)

Hi photographer friends, This image was taken during my recent trip to Ajlaa Village Resort. Pentax K-01 Modified + Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 300mm f/4 + Rocolax UV/IR Cut Filter   Right ascension 06h 33m 45s[1] Declination +04° 59′ 54″[1] Distance 5,200[2] ly   (1,600 pc) Apparent magnitude (V) 9.0 Apparent dimensions (V) 1.3 ° Constellation Monoceros

NKIR B03 Ir Filter Sample Images 另类的感觉!

Hi photographer friends, This time I have a chance to snap some sample Ir photos with my Pentax K-01 + DA 18-55mm WR and NKIR B03 filter attached. Feel free to leave me some comments.  Lets take a look…… 🙂                              …

NKIR B03 Ir Filter Intro

Hi photographer friends, I am starting my new photography year with this NKIR B03 filter from Taiwan. It is definitely a good quality filter and special designed by Ir photography guru, +NK Chang  and filter maker from Taiwan. Pricing wise still cheaper than other big names out there. Highly recommended!   The purpose of this filter…